Our Carolina Sky

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Friday June 1, 7 PM

The June 1 installment will highlight the sights and events that fill this month’s night sky. June brings the official start of summer, and with it many familiar summer constellations are climbing high overhead after sunset. Sagittarius the Archer chases Scorpius the Scorpion through the stars, while our summer Milky Way is making its first appearance providing wonderful views of the galactic center. Several planets shine brightly this month, including the jewel of our outer solar system, Saturn, which makes its closest approach to Earth for the year.  Celebrate the Summer Solstice, and join us to discover these sights and more that await in “Our Carolina Sky.”

This new monthly program series is hosted by James H. Lynn Planetarium Director, Will Snyder.

Tickets are $5 per person for those 3 and up.  Purchase tickets online NOW!

*Program lasts about one hour. Does not include museum admission.

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