Our Carolina Sky

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Friday, November 02, 2018 7pm - 8pm
The Schiele Museum of Natural History

Our Carolina Sky
November 2, 2018 at 7 PM

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The night sky above the Carolinas is constantly changing; have you ever wondered what lies overhead? Join us the first Friday of each month to discover how our sky has changed and to stay up-to-date with the newest space missions and discoveries. Take a live tour of the current month’s constellations and explore various topics ranging from the earliest history of astronomy to the latest advancements in the field. This new monthly program series is hosted by James H. Lynn Planetarium Director, Will Snyder.

The November 2 installment will highlight the sights and events that fill this month’s night sky, while giving stargazers a preview of the best winter has to offer. After sunset, Taurus the Bull rises earlier and earlier each night bringing views of the Hyades and Pleiades star clusters. We will find the famous Seven Sisters huddled for warmth along the back of the bull as our fall evenings grow both longer and colder. By the end of the month, Orion the Hunter, arguably the most famous picture in the heavens, returns to the evening sky after his summer vacation to chase the sisters throughout winter. In addition to these familiar stars, the planets Saturn and Mars pass overhead each night, and the Leonids meteor shower will bring the chance of more shooting stars this November. Join us as we discover these sights and more that await in “Our Carolina Sky.”

Admission to “Our Carolina Sky” is $5 for everyone over 3 years of age. The program will begin promptly at 7 PM, and late admission will not be possible.

*Programs last about an hour.