Outdoor Exhibits



Nature Trail

All within a 0.7 mile trek, you'll experience a pine forest, mixed hardwood forest, and pond and stream communities typical of the North Carolina Piedmont. On our Trail for all Seasons, every day is a good day for a walk. Play'Scape is a good play area for kids along the trail.


Kids can let their imagination run wild in the Schiele Museum's outdoor Playscape exhibit that features kid-sized structures and natural elements designed to nurture a sense of wonder and appreciation for the diversity, beauty, and playfulness of the natural world. 

Memorial Wildlife Garden

In this wildlife oasis, you can take advantage of the contemplative setting by escaping the rat race and settling into an environment authentically designed to provide food and shelter for the Carolina Piedmont's native species.

Catawba Indian Village

Open seasonally, this interpretation of 400 years of Catawba Indian culture, adaptation, and survival is a must see for visitors interested our region's rich heritage. Visit a prehistoric bark-covered house, council house and log cabins. Please call 704.866.6908 to verify that the village is open.

Stone Age Heritage Site

Travel back in time when the stone tools our ancestors used were the cutting edge of technology. Walk among the standing stones, stone circles, earthen burial mound, rock cairn and petroglyphs that give insightful glimpses into our past.

18th Century Backcountry Farm

Open seasonally, the ways of life of our early settlers is a source of fascination for many. Special event days provide living history presentations in period buildings, where this interpretation comes to life with hogs, sheep, and chickens. When the farm is open on a regular day, view the outside of 18th century buildings and imagine what life would have been like for early settlers in the area. Please call 704.866.6908 to verify that the farm is open.