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The Stars Come aLIVE at the James H. Lynn Planetarium: Live programming begins spring 2018!

“The planetarium is our own window to the universe, so if you have ever wondered what’s out there, this is where you should come to find out,” explains new Planetarium Director Will Snyder.

The Schiele Museum’s James H. Lynn Planetarium and Science Theater is celebrating the two-year anniversary of our 2016 upgrade which brought a state-of-the-art, fully digital system, capable of immersing audiences in the farthest wonders of the cosmos to the deepest depths of the seas. While this new technology might be the brains that run the planetarium, our presenters are the heart! Allow our dedicated staff to be your guides through the galaxy as we introduce an all-new, live planetarium experience.

Starting this spring (2018), all programs we offer will feature a live and interactive component that creates a unique show with every visit. Accompanying each of our full-dome films will be a live StarShow where our presenters will tie the current night sky into the concepts introduced during the movie and allow audience members to customize their experience by having their questions and special requests answered in real time. According to Snyder, “the films we screen on our 360-degree dome offer a one-of-a-kind immersive experience and are great tools to entertain while sharing knowledge, but we also want to supplement that with a comprehensive experience that only an engaging presenter can provide.”

In addition to our feature films, the James H Lynn Planetarium will also premiere two fully live programs titled “The Sky Tonight!” and “Our Carolina Sky.” Whether you just want to know what constellations are visible tonight, or if you are curious about the newest planets discovered around distant stars, these shows can keep you up-to-date of the changes overhead.

Live programming will take full advantage of our planetarium facilitiy and add a grand experience for all visitors to the Schiele. Snyder encourages everyone to visit the planetarium by saying, “for many adults, the last (and maybe only) time you stepped foot in a planetarium was on your third grade field trip. We want to recreate that wonder and amazement you felt as a child walking in with the large dome towering overhead, laying back in those comfy seats, and slowly watching the stars come out. The technology and equipment we use to show you the night sky may have changed, but that fascination is something that never goes away.” We hope to see you under the dome!