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The Planetarium will be CLOSED for maintenance on December 4th and December 5th. It will reopen for programs and shows on December 6th. 

On Friday, November 24th, the JLP will run the following program schedule: 11AM-Faster Than Light, 1PM-Faster Than Light, 2PM-Super Volcanoes, 3PM-Autumn Sky Shows, 4PM-Faster Than Light

Tickets: $5 for all visitors, plus museum admission.  Children 3 and younger admitted free.

All programs are subject to change. While we make every effort to present the shows as listed on our website and in our activities calendar, equipment issues may prevent their presentation, and we may be forced to substitute shows. If you're planning to see a certain show, we recommend that you call our Reception Desk at 704.866.6908 to confirm presentation status. We apologize in advance for any problems our substitution policy may present.

Faster Than Light:
The impulse to explore the unknown is as old as humanity itself, and today, a new frontier of solar systems, stars and galaxies beckons us. What rocket designs might one day carry humanity on future explorations? Enjoy dazzling virtual rides aboard spacecraft of the future, based on ultra-high speeds, exotic fuels, and breakthrough concepts in physics. Also plays on Free Tuesdays 4 & 7 PM (standard fees apply).

Super Volcanoes:
A massive amount of energy lurks like a sleeping dragon beneath the surface of planet Earth. Explore rare and extremely devastating volcanic eruptions and discover the impact of gigantic volcanic episodes around the Solar System. Experience vivid recreations of cataclysmic eruptions form the past, and dive into the super volcano now gathering force beneath Yellowstone National Park. Also plays on Free Tuesdays 6 PM (standard fees apply).

Autumn Sky Shows:
Enjoy two great mini programs in the science theater. First, explore fall constellations in a seasonal stargazing tour of the night sky. Then, learn about modern unmanned lunar explorations during a presentation of “Flight to the Moon”, a presentation of the XPrize Foundation.