Technical Specs


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The recent installation of our Spitz SciDome XD projection equipment has rocketed the James H. Lynn Planetarium to becoming a leader in 21st century full-dome projection  technology. The images are crisp and vibrant as you're taken on a visual journey with shows that range from earthworms to extraterrestial volcanoes! This new system also allows interactive education thanks to an integrated infrared remote control that can call up data onto the full-dome display to deepen the immersive experience. 

Note from Jim Craig, Head of the Planetarium at The Schiele Museum:

After 25 years, we have retired our Spitz 512 planetarium projector to make way for the next phase in science education for Gaston County and surrounding communities. In March of 2016, we re-opened with the new SciDome XD digital planetarium system by Spitz, Inc.

The planetarium will no longer be limited to Earth based astronomy but will, instead, be open to teach astronomy from anywhere we choose at any time we choose. It will allow us to zoom in on any object and examine it up close.

We won't be limited to astronomy. With the Layered Earth software and a wide variety of programs from different vendors, we can present any number of programs in science, literature, art, music, history and much more.

The SciDome Touch system by Spitz will allow the presenter and the audience to interact with the sky in ways not possible in any other system. It untethers the presenter from the console allowing him or her to interact with the audience in a more personal manner and making it easier to adjust the program content for any audience.

This new system opens a universe of possibilities limited only by the imagination.